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Dance Program

Ready to start your dance journey? No matter your age or experience, we have a class for you at Children's Dance Theater! Click here to learn more.

New to Dance?

Welcome new dancers! If you're unsure of where to begin, click here to discover what class is best for you or your child based off age, experience, and performance opportunities.

Dancer's Roadmap

Children's Dance Theater has multiple dance programs designed to provide quality dance education to students of all ages and experience. This roadmap is a general outline of the dancers journey at CDT based on their age and preferred training intensity.

Children's Division
School Division
The Conservatory

Sampler Series

Enjoy 6 weeks of one of our engaging and educational dance classes without the commitment of a 10-month program! Offered once in the Fall and once in the Spring.


Thrive Dance Team

Children's Dance Theater's award-winning competition team- where students are challenged to learn, grow, and THRIVE!

Ballet Productions

Experience the magic of one of Children's Dance Theater's renowned ballet productions.

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