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Summer at Children's!

This summer, immerse yourself in the world of dance, art, and theater with our dynamic summer programs. Designed for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, our studio offers an enriching experience that combines the joy of creativity with the discipline of professional training.

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Dance Camps

Children’s Dance Theater is proud to offer terrific day camps that are sure to entertain and inspire your child. Each week has a morning and an afternoon session. Campers may register for either a half day option or enroll in both sessions to have a full day camp option. Each session includes small group classes that incorporate the weeks' theme in dance skills. There are also fun games and various age-appropriate projects that will keep the mind active!


Summer training is a must for a committed dancer! Your dancer has worked very hard all year to gain strength, skill and flexibility. Don’t let them take a step backwards over the long 12 weeks of summer. Our summer intensives are a fantastic way to maintain skills, have rest and relaxation and time for fun in the sun!

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Art Camps

Unleash your inner artist with our Art Camps. Engage in a wide array of artistic activities, led by experienced art teachers. These camps are designed to inspire creativity, foster imagination, and develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Theater Camps

Step into the spotlight with our Theater Camps! Under the guidance of theater professionals, participants will work together to produce a showcase, honing their talents and gaining valuable performance experience. There is a youth theater camp designed for young thespians aged 7-12, and a teen theater camp for students 13-18.

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