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Welcome to Children’s Dance Theater! We provide quality, age-appropriate, and challenging dance education to students in Auburn and Federal Way, WA. We believe dance is for everyone! No matter anyone’s experience, we have a place for you here. Through our incredible faculty, and abundance of class options, we provide exceptional dance training to all aspiring dancers.


Where To Start

How Old is Your Dancer?

Dance is more fun with friends your age! Our classes are created with social, emotional and developmental landmarks in mind. We love to set kids up for success, and it is important for kids to be with their peers so they are working on developmentally appropriate dance and social skills.   If they are a first-time dancer 8 or younger, they should start in the First Steps program within our Children’s Division. If they are 9 and older,  take a look at the School Division classes.

What Time Commitment are You Looking For?

The Children’s and School Divisions are the perfect place to start your dance journey.  These classes meet once a week and lay the groundwork of skills for future training and operate like a school year. If you are looking for a shorter session of dance, we recommend the Sampler Series program. For the serious dancer, please learn more about the conservatory program. We have classes for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults! It’s never too late to start experiencing the joy of dance.

Do You Want Your Child to Perform?

Stepping onto the stage is such a magical experience! There is nothing like the thrill of performing in front of your loved ones. Each June our dancers put on an amazing themed recital to show off all the hard work they have put in.  The show is optional and dancers can still fully participate in classes leading up to the show.  The Sampler Series classes do not have a performance component and are another option for those not ready for a full school year commitment.

June recital.


Our Beginner Programs

Children's Division

Recommended Ages:
9 & Under

These classes meet once a week and lay a solid foundation of technique, flexibility and fun! This is the perfect place for young dancers who are looking for a fun class and the opportunity to perform

on stage in June.

School Division

Recommended Ages:
9 & Up

These classes are great for older students who are either first-time dancers, or experienced dancers who are not yet ready for the time commitment of the Conservatory Program. The School Division highlights their growth each year in our annual June Recital.

Michelle L.

“We love Children’s Dance Theater! All of the teachers and staff are wonderful to work with and they are all so patient and attentive to the kids. We love all of the different programs and classes offered. My daughter has taken classes here for a few years now and continues to grow in her skills."
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